Aero Rain Body

Art no.: 29018

Aero Rain Body

This rain body is the sleeveless counterpart of our Aero Rain Body

Developed in close collaboration with time trial legend Tony Martin, this completely waterproof body is designed, without compromise, for riding in an aero position.


What this means is that you get the impression the body won’t fit when standing straight, but that’s not the way this body is intended to use. When you are riding your bike in your normal position, the cut and shape of this body will do its work. Your complete torso and your buttocks will be protected from the rain. The silicone antislip waistband keeps the body nicely into place and adds to the comfortable racing fit.


The minimalistic look also translates into a very light weight. This makes this body easily foldable and storable.


The back vent provides enough breathability to keep you from overheating. 



Tech Spec

Designed for riding in an aero position

Lightweight rain protection


Heavy duty zipper with zip garage

Ventilation opening in the back

Silicone antislip waistband

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