Speedwear Concept Shirt Tempest Pixel

Art no.: 29027

Speedwear Concept Shirt Tempest Pixel

This short sleeved winter jersey is specifically designed for racing and high intensity training in mild Winter and cold weather (5°C-18°C) and bridges the gap between aerodynamics and thermal insulation. It is the ideal all year long jersey.


The jersey is entirely made of Bioracer’s Tempest, an insulative, breathable fabric with a water repellency treatment. 


This carefully chosen fabric is warm enough to protect against cold, wind and rain but at the same time light enough to prevent the rider from overheating when temperatures get warmer.  


The muscle supporting Race Proven cut improves rider aerodynamics. For this jersey the cut has been slightly altered to use with warmer fabrics, so the feeling you get while wearing the jersey is less constrictive. 


Visibility and road safety have always been important considerations while designing winter kit. That’s why the back pocket section is made of Black Pixel, giving you more than enough visibility in darker circumstances.



Tech Spec

Tight, supportive and aerodynamic cut

Aerodynamic sleeves, covering the entire upper arm

Long lockable heavy duty zipper with zip garage

3 easily reachable back pockets made of Black Pixel provide extra visibility


Pixel // 100 Tempest

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