Overshoe One Tempest Protect Pixel

Art no.: 17839

Overshoe One Tempest Protect Pixel

Our overshoe collection for the winter is designed to provide all the needs the winter asks from your kit. High visibility, good insulation and a snug fit.


The shoe covers are made of the Tempest fabric in combination with the Pixel fabric. These wind- and water resistant fabrics protect your feet against the cold, but also against sweating too much in your shoes due to their breathable capacity.


They help maintain a constant temperature to enjoy your ride from the start till the end.

The minimalistic Easyfit design eliminates the need for a zipper on the calves. This improves aerodynamics whilst still being easy to put on. The reflective inserts increase the visibility and help secure your safety.



Tech Spec

Insulating fabric made of Tempest Protect

Pixel 100 reflective inserts


Pixel // 100 Tempest-Protect

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