Vesper Soft Hotpants Black

Art no.: 12434D

Vesper Soft Hotpants Black

Lots of female riders are reluctant to wear cycling shorts. The main reason we came across was the way their thighs looked when wearing them.


One of the critical parts of shorts and bibshorts are the leg grippers. They have a very important function in keeping everything in the right place when you are riding.


But though all our leg gripper options work well in terms of fit and comfort, some are too constrictive when used on softer female skin tissue. This sometimes makes female riders, even the most athletic, like they have gained a couple of kilos.


That’s why we’ve started looking for better options. One of those options can be found in our Epic line of bibshorts for women.


In the Vesper Soft Hotpants we took a different path. We used a soft type of Lycra on the leg ends and folded it double (so you have the soft side on the inside and outside of the leg ends). The result is a leg end that gives just the right amount of compression to keep the short in place, without being too constrictive.


The Vesper Soft Hotpants is a nice example of the way we work with existing materials. We rethink the whole concept of a short until it fits the needs of the rider. It is the short of choice for every woman looking for comfort, wearability and good looks.

Tech Spec

Female Friendly cycling short

Shortened leg panels

Lycra Main material

Leg cuffs made of soft Lycra

Vapor Uni pad


Lycra Performer Vapor Women

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