Spitfire Tempest Spring Jacket

Art no.: 11645

Spitfire Tempest Spring Jacket

The Spitfire Tempest Spring Jack is developed to meet the needs of racers looking for a warm, insulative and highly visible jack, without being over-insulated during medium to high intensity trainings. Instead of our warmer Tempest Protect fabric, we have used Tempest. This fabric is 75% windproof, which means that it gives just the right protection when you're training hard during the winter months. 


When you’re training outside during winter time, visibility and safety is a big issue. We’ve thought about that, too. We’ve implemented a Black Pixel insert in the torso front and on the shoulders. Black Pixel is a highly reflective fabric that combines the windproof and water repellent characteristics of Tempest with great visibility.


The 3 easily reachable back pockets are improved, too. We’ve implemented an extra lining on top of the pockets to provide extra protection.

The sleeves feature a long and narrow cuff. This improves fit. 

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